Ruit 2005/1

Patient oriented Pharmacy Services

Referenten: Prof. Hartmut Derendorf, Prof. Paul Doering, Prof. Thomas Munyer
Dr. Thomas Johns

Montag 06.06.2005


Evolution of the Clinical Pharmacy Movement in the United States

Basic Pharmacokinetic Parameters I

Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion

Problem Set I

Aminoglycosides I

Basic Pharmacokinetic Parameters II

Problem Set II

Dienstag 07.06.2005

Aminoglycosides II


Problem Set III

Providing and Justifying a Pharmacokinetic Service


Vancomycin and Other Antibiotics

Biological Variability in Pharmacokinetics

Problem Set IV

Mittwoch 08.06.2005    

Drug Information: Services
Drug Information: General Considerations
Answering Patient-Specific Drug Information Questions
A How-to Approach Using the Drug Literature in Answering Drug Information Questions